Gabriel’s Paddock Vineyard, is an area famed for its characterful wines, and winery on the property, which was designed by Brian Croser of Croser Wines fame, breeds and intertwines with the history and tradition which is deep-rooted in us.

The “Paddock” undergoes serious vineyard preparation and selection, and offers some of the finest 40 + year-old Chardonnay vines in the Hunter Valley. These exceptional vines were planted in 1969 on some of the best red clay over limestone soils in New South Wales.

Rigorous care and attention is taken in the winemaking process and it is extremely complicated with no individual vineyard parcel being given the same complete treatment. Each vineyard is separated into a minimum of 2 discrete batches for fermentation, often more, and different techniques applied to each. The decision is made at the time of harvest and not predetermined to a recipe.

With its sandy loam over clay and limestone soils, it is a perfect site for grape growing and produces fantastically flavored grapes. The aspect is NE and has an elevation of 130m and the soil type gives good moisture retention and the northeast facing slopes avoid the hottest direct sun in the afternoons providing ideal conditions. Instilling complexity in the wine is the primary goal and to deliver the best possible wine, the grapes receive constant attention. All the vines are hand picked and cropped to a tiny yield of 1.5 tonnes per hectare, which is lower than Grand Cru Burgundy!

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

The Hunter Region is the premium wine region of New South Wales and one of Australia ‘s most well-known and historically important wine regions. Distinctive styles of Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz are the hallmark of this region.

The two main topographical features are the alluvial flats of the valleys and the gently undulating hills. The region is fed by the Goulburn, Hunter, Paterson and Williams rivers.

James Busby—the man credited with bringing the vine to Australia – was associated with the Hunter Valley through his brother-in-law William Kelman. Kelman is thought to be the first to plant vines in the Hunter.

George Wyndham planted grapes in 1832. Penfolds bought the property in 1904 naming it Wyndham Estate. Dr Henry Lindeman purchased land around Raymond Terrace in the 1830s. So too did James King whose legacy passed onto Maurice O’Shea who came to the forefront of Hunter Valley winemaking in the 1920s. The area fell into depression for many years, but gradually made a comeback in the early 1960s. Today the region is booming.

The region has a hot, humid summer and cool winter. Vintage is usually January to late March.


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