Come on – we dare you!

For several years, we have been making wine at Gabriel’s Paddock under a variety of labels and for various wine brands. It’s now our turn to get out there and flex our muscle with wines that we are truly proud to share with you, and which are passionately made to make you jump for joy!

We are premium wine connoisseurs and not builders of big brands, so we cut back on the packaging and advertising, and put the money strictly into the production of the wine! Because we are a premium boutique winery, we make hand made wines, from hand picked grapes from small batches, and from old vines – some of which are over 45 years old.

Small batches means that we pick only the best grapes from each batch. And old vines means that over the years the vines have gathered minerals and nutrients that will improve the taste and flavors of the wines.

We also age are wines before putting them on the market. The wines have been made utilizing cooled fermentation which extends the aging process and in slowing it all down preserves the natural fruit flavors and character into the wines. It’s a costly process, but one that we feel is beneficial to pride we take in presenting wonderful, mind-blowing wines!

We hope that after today you will taste the passion and love we put into everyone of our wines; and take a few cases home with you- and share the love with your friends and mates!

If your still not entirely convinced that these are perhaps some of the best damn wines ever, we our making a special palate teaser offer to anyone willing to roll the dice on our wines.

Buy any mixed dozen and you will automatically become a Luke’s Luke Wine Club Member, which will allow you access to special barrel tastings, wine dinners in our barrel hall, discounts, VIP cellar door tastings, bud burst party and other special events through the year!

We want to be the wine that romances your palate, that shares your celebrations and that enhances every one of your meals!

Why not take a leap of faith, follow your heart and have a Crush (series wine), were pretty sure it will make you Leap for joy!

From the Cru at Luke’s Leap – Thank you for your support and thank you for drinking Luke’s Leap Wines!

For further information about Luke’s Leap Wines, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0478 935 412 or

Please email us, we would love to have you on our mailing list!

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