Luke's Leap Crush Series Wines made with Love and Passion

WARNING: All of Luke's Leap Wines are made with Love and Passion, some traces may still be found in the wines.

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The Harvest Queen knows no boundaries!

The Harvest Queen knows no boundaries! Luke’s Leap Wines are premium, boutique wines, made from the finest hand select grapes, grown in prestigious vineyards from around the world. Our exotic Wine Regions include: Paso Robles, California, Temecula, California - and stretch as far and wide as Australia and New Zealand.

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Big Daddy Czar VÖn BadÄss & his revolutionary wines. Global man of mystery; Purveyor of fine wines.

Luke's Leap Bad Ass Series: A wine so legendary and bad ass, that its named after our legendary Paton - and only made when the finest grapes can be soured.
Big Daddy Czar VÖn BadÄss & his revolutionary wines. Global man of mystery; Purveyor of fine wines. Alchemist of Amazingly Damn Fine hand crafted wines; the Great Grape crusher; The Bad boy of blending and The Sultan of swirl, sniff and sip. Grand Puba of Public Relations; Maestro of Marketing; Big Bad Voodoo Daddy of the Ministry of grape pulp propaganda and liquid Information; and one hell of a humble guy...if he does do say so himself!
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